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Front Running Stocks

Front-runners = Folks or sites who buy and or are given stocks then go out and call it a "buy" and sell into their pick.

When you see sites that give stock picks you will most always see a disclaimer ( if you look hard ) on the site somewhere. The disclaimer will explain "we may hold, buy and sell the stock at anytime" and, or "we were paid XXX" and, or "we received XXX # of free trading shares". In other words "we are going to sell our stock as soon as we can get buyers to buy it".

A couple of sure signs of a front-runner...

A web site as described above.

A stock volume chart with recent activity and no news after a long duration of little or no activity. You can see the front-runner and their buddies buying in.

Usually they will give no sell price with their pick.

Well it is fairly easy to do!

It has been my experience that most of the stock pick sites, some posters on message boards and some posters to chat rooms are front running.

I have seen folks on message boards talk of sites with picks. Some of these sites have become so popular they even charge to get their picks. The site gives examples, which have had great gains. Well let’s see...

You have a site or email list with hundreds maybe even thousands of members. You pick a historically low volume stock that is at or near its all time low. You buy the stock over a period of a week or two so as to not get the price to rise too much. Or better yet you make the first buy after the pick is posted or sent.

Then BAM you post the pick to your or email list site where 100's or 1000's of folks see it and then go trying to buy it at the same time with no new information or news.

If you do nothing else today read the below and please be careful!

Remember it is your money till they get it!


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