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    What does it cost?

    Nothing! provides this software to our visitors Free of charge.

    What browser do I need ?

    Netscape4.08 or above and Internet Explorer4.0 or above. AOL browser is also supported as it is essentially Internet Explorer. Other browsers probably will fail unless they can bypass the applet security sandbox. (There has been reported that on Mac platform only IE4.5 is working properly with the applet; we suggest use of IE4.5 if you have Mac)

    What is that pop up window asking for "permission"?

    We sign the applet with Thawte digital certificate to by pass the Java applet sandbox. You can safely say yes to this request. If you don't grant these permissions, the applet will not function properly.

    How do I open a private message window with another person?

    Double click on the persons name in the channel list. A new mini window will open where you can have a private conversation.

    What is expected of me on the IRC Networks and Channels?

    First of all it can depend on the network and or the channel you are in. has no way of knowing all the requirements for all the networks and channels. Most channels have rules banning profanity, racist remarks, threats, and harassment; those who break these rules can be banned from the channel or area. Most IRC channels also have ground rules. Follow them! Remember you are responsible for your actions.

    Learn the IRC Lingo or slang. has a complete list of thie abreviations used on the channels. Learn Internet Lingo ( Slang) Here!

    How come I cannot connect?

  • There are couple possibilities.
    • You use a very old version of IE or Netscape. Only IE4 or above and Netscape 4.08 or above is supported by jIRC applet.
    • When the popup window first appear asking for granting permission, the user deny the request. Without such permission, applet will not be able to connect to any IRC server around the world. It can only connect to the host the applet was downloaded from.
    • Some IRC servers deny connection from some ISP domains( due to abuse or flooding coming from that domain). For example, some IRC server do not AOL users to connect. And some IRC server require you to have Identd installed and running on your computer (Identd is included in jIRC, and it is turn on by default). There are thousands of public IRC servers available, you can always find one that is friendly to your environment.
    • IE browser allow users to modify its Internet Security Setting, if you are not using the default security setting and disable the support of signed applet,jIRC may not work properly. If this is the case, revert the IE security to default medium level.


    I am befind firewall, can I connect to IRC servers outside ?

    Currently, jIRC does not support proxy connection. It means that jIRC appletcan only connect to IRC servers inside your local network if you are behind company's firewall.


    How come the Identd is not responding?

    First of all, make sure you really enable the identd support. And if you are running on a Unix machine, your browser needs to be executed by root or superuser, such that the applet will have the permission to listen to the low port number.
    Also notice that, Identd basically needs to listen to a incoming request from the IRC server, if your network or firewall does not allow incoming traffic, identd will not be able to send back the response to IRC server.


    When connect to IRC server, the applet gives me "Security Exception" error, why is that ? and how to fix it ?

    This may be cased by the user's browser setup problem.

    Is that possible to ignore the join/leave message, MOTD, and other server messages ?

    Yes, you can use the "IgnoreLevel" parameter to control what to display and what not to display. Basically, if you set IgnoreLevel to 3, you will not see most of the server message during login and the join/leave messages.

    What is IRC network anyway?

    Please check the IRC help web site at or you can find more information on's IRC Pages.


    There following commands are supported by jIRC applet. All IRC commands are start with "/". Some of the commands below are for jIRC applet only, some are common IRC commands that usrs may frequently use.




Clear the chat message screen.

/nick 'nick_name'

Change your current nick name to a new 'nick_name'

/join '#new_channel_name'

Leave your current channel and join a new channel.
Remember to supply "#" at the begining of your channel name.

/quit 'optional good bye message'

Leave your current channel and disconnect from IRC network.

/msg 'nick' 'your message'

Send a private message to a user with nick name 'nick'


Display the message in action format.

/topic ; /topic '#channel' 'your topic'

Display your current channel's topic or set your channel's topic

/ctcp 'nick_name' 'command'

CTCP command includes "version", "clientinfo", "time", "echo"

/showurl ''

Pop up a new browser window with the given URL content

/s 'sound_file'

Play an audio file from the web server. The audio file name is "" in this case and must be located on the same directory of your applet file.

"%C4message %C9,3this is color"
"%BThis is bold, %Rthis is reverse, %Uthis is underline"

This is a special way to create multiple color within single message.
Use the "%C" to indicate a color code ( equevalent to Crl-K in mIRC).

%B equivalent to Bold (Crl-B) in mIRC
%R equivalent to Reverse (Crl-R) in mIRC
%U equivalent to Underline (Crl-U) in mIRC
%O equivalent to Normalized (Crl-O) in mIRC  Links  Search   Disclaimer Advertising

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